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Friday, January 15, 2010

BluCigs - Electronic Cigarette Review

     I've found a wonderful new Product to help reduce or entirely Quit Smoking! As with other products you may see here. I only review products I own or have had a chance to examine and test throughly.

     I've had the Blu eCig for about a month now and I have to say it's the best electronic cigarette I've tried. Why is Blu so much better? Blu also provides you with an additional battery and atomizer (the atomizer is what actually turns the liquid into vapor). Besides the extra battery and atomizer, Blu provides one distinct benefit. As you can see from the image above it comes in a nice black (or white) cigarette pack style case. The case is what makes Blu so special. Its not only a carrying case like most manufacturers of electronic cigarettes provide. Blu's case is also a charger thats capable of recharging the spare battery multiple times (I've been able to fully recharge the battery about six times before having to charge the pack).

     Why is the ability to recharge the batteries with the pack so important. I've found that in all the brands I've tested, there really is no difference in battery life. They all run out long before you even finish a cartridge. They do recharge in about 15 minuets to an hour which is great and all. However that doesn't do much good for most when you want to have a cigarette. This is why most people fail to quit or even cut back on smoking when they try to switch to an electronic cigarette. Blu is the first brand to provide a feasible solution to this problem with their charging pack. You'll always have a fully charged battery. Its also nice they give you an extra battery and atomizer, theres no other brand that I've found that does this.

     To sum it all up this is what you get for $59.95 and free shipping anywhere in USA. That includes all refill orders too. I personally refill them myself but It's honestly not to save money. I wanted to see how difficult it was and once I'm to the point I need to reorder, it will be from Blu. Its just much easier and time saving. The Blu eCig comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a 1yr warranty on parts. You get everything you see in the image above: the Charger Pack, Two Blu Batteries, Two Blu Atomizer's (Self Cleaning), 25 Refill Cartridges (5 Tobacco, 5 Vivid Vanilla, 5 Cherry Crush, 5 Java Jolt, 5 Magnificent Menthol), Wall A/C USB Adapter, USB Battery Charger, and a nice box to keep it all in. (Box lid is kept closed magnetically). I've successfully used this product in restaurants and places of business here in Chicago without a single incident. At most, I've been asked what it is and where to get one but I personally haven't had a real cigarette in three weeks as of writing this and I owe it to Blu's creativity and reasonable prices. Visit Blu for more information: Blucigs.com  KRAVZU6NJUNH


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